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Youth Achievement, Resilience and Success Since 1978

Our Services:

Helping Today's At Risk Youth

Our Services

School-Base Counseling

School-Based Counseling

Licensed Masters' level KeySteps counselors offer full time, year round school -based counseling to help newcomers to the country, expectant and parenting teens, special needs youth and others cope with and resolve issues that hamper their ability to fully participate in academic work. To do so, staff collaborates with educators, health care personnel and human service providers to design flexible systems of support tailored to meet the needs and aspirations of youth as they discover and plan for positive, sustainable futures.

Life Skills Groups

Life skills groups are offered to help youth enhance their communication with peers, teachers and family members. They learn to anticipate and avoid risky behaviors, and make responsible choices that lead to healthy futures.

"Television shows for teenagers actually contain more sexual content than adults' shows, yet less than 10% of that content involves the discussion of risks and responsibilities involved in sexual relationships." - Performing Preventative Services: A Bright Futures Handbook

Case Management

Case Management, Information & Referral Services

Many teens need help accessing and navigating our complicated education, health, social welfare and immigration systems. They may need help accessing medical care, day care, tutoring, financial support systems, housing, immigration services, employment, higher education, post high school training and more. KeySteps staff provides case management services for youth and often act as a liaisons between students, teachers, community based personnel and others.



Due to ill-health, family problems or other issues, some youth may be absent and lose contact with school personnel. Often, they are unaware of the process for re-entering school and/or remaining current with school work. In an effort to identify and resolve issues of concern, outreach and home visitation is provided.

Summer Programming

Summer Programming

Creation of programs for and linkage of KeySteps youth to opportunities in education, employment and low cost summertime recreation help our young men and women understand the importance of education, reframe their future goals and rekindle interest in school. Click here to learn more about our summertime program with Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology .
Summertime: "An opportunity for youth to expand horizon, build new relationships and master new skills." - "The Learning Season: The Untapped Power of Summer to Advance Student Achievement" The Nellie Mae Foundation - Miller 2007

Graduate Internships

Graduate Internships

Year-long supervised internships are offered for graduate students enrolled at local colleges and universities who desire to receive supervision and guidance in the provision of school-based counseling and support services for youth ages 14-22. The goal of placement is to prepare graduate interns for work with expectant and parenting teens, newcomers to the country, special needs youth and/or others who are frequently underserved and in need of support to graduate from high school.

Follow-Up Services

Upon request, KeySteps graduates can engage in agency services and support to transition to and balance responsibilities and demands of post high school education, the workplace, home and family. Comprehensive support services provided for youth during high school are modified and gradually shifted to centers of higher education, hospitals and social services agencies.