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Youth Achievement, Resilience and Success Since 1978

About KeySteps Youth Services:

A Wrap Around System of Care To Support: Success in High School Employment, Post High School Training and Higher Education

About KeySteps Youth Services

Established in 1978 and incorporated in 1979, KeySteps is a school based non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization in Boston, Massachusetts that locates, counsels, guides and encourages middle school and high school students who find themselves in difficult life situations to persevere and achieve educational objectives that will positively shape future life choices.

Formerly named Comprehensive School-Age Parenting Program, the agency started as a single site, comprehensive service delivery system to ensure teen moms received needed health care and other supports to attend school and create healthy families. Now named KeySteps, the agency now provides full time, comprehensive year round counseling & support services for about 400-500 youth annually including newcomers to the country, special needs youth, expectant and parenting teens and other young men and women in need of social & emotional support to resolve barriers that interfere with success in school.

Licensed, Masters level staff combine their clinical skills with extensive knowledge of education, health care and social welfare systems to help youth:

  • build trusted networks of care
  • feel safe, respected and supported at home, in school and in the community
  • make responsible decisions and avoid risky behaviors
  • create high expectations for success in school
  • see positive futures for themselves and their families